Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Etika & Profesionalisme TSI (Pertemuan 5-8)


antara lain :
1. Electronic Transaction Act
2. IPR Act
3. Computer Misuse Act
4. Broadcasting Authority Act
5. Public Entertainment Act
6. Banking Act
7. Internet Code of Practice
8. Evidence Act (Amendment)
9. Unfair Contract Terms Act

antara lain :
1. Electronic Transaction Ordinance
2. Anti-Spam Code of Practices
3. Code of Practices on the Identity Card Number and Other
Personal Identifiers
4. Computer information systems internet secrecy
administrative regulations
5. Personal data (privacy) ordinance
6. Control of obscene and indecent article ordinance

antara lain :
_ Electronic Commerce Act
_ Cyber Promotion Act
_ Anti-Wiretapping Act
_ Digital Transaction Act
_ Privacy Act
_ Crimes Act
_ Broadcasting Services Amendment (online services) Act
_ Anti Spam Act

antara lain :
1. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
2. Uniform Electronic Transaction Act
3. Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act
4. Government Paperwork Elimination Act
5. Electronic Communication Privacy Act
6. Privacy Protection Act
7. Fair Credit Reporting Act
8. Right to Financial Privacy Act
9. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
10. Anti-cyber squatting consumer protection Act
11. Child online protection Act
12. Children’s online privacy protection Act
13. Economic espionage Act
14. “No Electronic Theft” Act

antara lain :
1. Computer Misuse Act
2. Defamation Act
3. Unfair contract terms Act
4. IPR (Trademarks, Copyright, Design and Patents Act)

antara lain :
1. Act on the protection of personal information managed by public
2. Communications privacy act
3. Electronic commerce basic law
4. Electronic communications business law
5. Law on computer network expansion and use promotion
6. Law on trade administration automation
7. Law on use and protection of credit card
8. Telecommunication security protection act
9. National security law

antara lain :
1. Act for the protection of computer processed personal
data held by administrative organs
2. Certification authority guidelines
3. Code of ethics of the information processing society
4. General ethical guidelines for running online services
5. Guidelines concerning the protection of computer
processed personal data in the private sector
6. Guidelines for protecting personal data in electronic
network management
7. Recommended etiquette for online service users
8. Guidelines for transactions between virtual merchants
and consumers.

antara lain :
1. Digital Signature Act
2. Computer Crimes Act
3. Communications and Multimedia Act
4. Telemedicine Act
5. Copyright Amendment Act
6. Personal Data Protection Legislation (Proposed)
7. Internal security Act (ISA)
8. Films censorship Act

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